Following article is our attempt to let you know and learn about, how your body parts can indicate your current situation. Even it can some time, (If you are little bit mature in Astrology) can tell many events about your life. This is in continuation with our earlier articles and of-course a supplement for your knowledge regarding astrology.

As you may know, your birth chart contains houses (Bhav), signs (Rashis) of the zodiac and planets (Grah). In other words birth chart is a composite of above factors. The rules is if some thing good or bad happens with a body part of you;

There will be; definitely good or bad events occurring (with 5-10 days margin) in your life. But what would be actually happening, for this require lots of understanding of astrology plus experience. As there is lots of variety in life and astrology too. Here are some examples

Example 1: If some one having heart problem in life or recently it indicate that the child, children may need care or they are having complication with you or in their life. Same way if upper back is in trouble by any mean it also indicating the same thing.

Example 2: If Stomach is upset or there is trouble in stomach / chest, it indicate there could be some problem in home / mother / resident / property etc. It also indicate that the emotions are not under control.

Example 3: If Throat is the problem then there is possibility that family, finance and feeling are in trouble.

Example 4: If You have acidity, constipation or lever problem then the possibility are that you need to be careful at Job, work, check you working / eating habits. Also you are or will be worried.

Example 5: If knee, bones, structure is having  a problem or issue then there will be some problems connected with occupation, superior, bosses or elder or they need care. Also check your relationship with them.

Example 6: If you have problem with others especially marriage partner or business partner this indicate that you may be having lower back problem, some time stone or kidney problem in extreme cases.

Example 7: If legs or ankles are in problem or caused problem recently then there is possibility that you have done something bad to your association, groups, friends or they are in trouble or these thing will occur soon. You can avoid these by being less irritating.

Although not completely but I have tried to convey the message; what astrology and nature can guide us by observing these thing in advance and taking necessary adjustment to get well soon.

So next time if some thing unusual happen and you want to get rid of that you can easily change its corresponding thing for good, and believe me the thing which is causing you problem will are get right by doing so.

In our next topic we will be discussing about the planet and disease. You comments are welcome regarding any major or minor health issue you or someone else might be facing.