Aries Annual Horoscope 2012

Aries (Sun Sign / Star Sign / Zodiac Sign)

Those who born between 21-March to 20-April

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Welcome to yet another new year dear Aries

Forecast of Jupiter: June-2011 to June-2012

The Jupiter the greater benefic will be in your second angle of valuable goods, finance and family in your the Sun chart, so expect financial goodies during the period of June 2011 to June 2012. There will be lots of financial transaction / buying-selling during this time it may prove to be lucrative but only if your birth chart supports this transit or position of the Jupiter in other words if the Position and Aspect of Jupiter in your birth chart is good. Jupiter in Second angle may increase your income and expand your fixed assets / liquid money; as he is a great expander.

Gain from distance person, places, teaching or lecturing and travel will be there. Also gain from social intercourse or religious / legal activity will also be there (if you are involved in above mentioned things / matter). This position of the Jupiter may also make you spend lavishly on social circle, religious activity, traveling as he is always the lord of the Pisces (the great signs of spending). Some gain through optimism and good judgment will also be there.

But wait, you may wander, does all the above things will happen to you?

I would say yes! As if your birth chart is well configured or of a good quality, but if birth chart is not so good then expect mix bag. In third case if the birth chart is below average then the Jupiter in second angle of the Sun Sign, may spread all type of mess in the area of finance, buying selling, unworthy or unfruitful investments, losses / expenditure over hospitals, losses though dishonesty of other and through social or legal conflicts. So you may well notice that in the case of a bad chart the Jupiter in second angle will lead to all the read an article on the Jupiter may show you an idea what will happen.

Because the Jupiter is expansion; and it can give good expansion if the birth chart is good and the Aspect are favorable and opposite if a birth chart is not so good.

The Jupiter is here to stay in your second angle right upto June 2012, fortunately the Jupiter will be forming an excellent formation with The Mars (from the 6th angle of your solar scope) this formation suggest me that you may excel in above mentioned area / sector to read the goodies of Jupiter though personal effort and with a needle sharp perfection, this combination may help you to excel in your chosen profession with force and assertion (please read the results of Saturn’s in your 7th angle before applying this suggestion).   You need to be balanced.

Forecast of Saturn in 7nd angle: Oct-2009 to Oct-2012


Dear Aries, after reading the goodies of the Jupiter now you better turn your attention to Saturn otherwise he knows how to turn someone’s attention for sure. Here are the lessons what Saturn has to teach you while lingering in your 7th angle of the Sun Sign:

He says, get ready for changes on all frontiers especially in the sector of relationship / marriage / your interaction with other and your expression and outlook toward your self too. Astrologically speaking these changes of above mentioned matters was actually started during the year namely 2009 end and these will be continued to be there upto Oct 2012. All these started as Saturn enter in you 7th angle of Solar-scope. All these could be happing to you because the Saturn (current transit) is forming bad astrological aspect (Opposition) with your birth chart’s Sun (in Aries).

You will be force to change your expression (the way you express your self), your soul will be under heavy responsibility. Please note that as I have mentioned above that this year is a continuation of last two years, because life does not go with yearly episode; so also not Astrology goes.

Extra responsibilities regarding the education / caring / guardianship of children will be surfacing during this time. Their health and development will make you more mature in life, they may some time behave egoistically or disregard you opinion, here I would suggest you to be their friend, and rather them teaching them responsibility you yourself lead them with responsibly. But what if your are not a parent then expect these above mentioned events to occur to you as your are someone’s child too.

During the above mentioned tenor relationship pressure, changes over work frontier (due to relationships) as well as some legal and social issue need to address. This of course needs greater patience and tact (which you actually lack some time). See during this if you behave impulsively or arrogantly then the result may not be favorable and there will be unpleasing result to recon with for sure. One thing is sure Saturn will restrict you in the area of relationships (marriage / opponent / partner and so on). Depend on you Birth chart’s aspect of Sun this could be make or break time for many relationship. Only those relationships will survive which can toll the pressure of Saturn.

If you are in love then expect some difference of opinions and interference of elder / status / parents. And if you are not mature enough in handling the love and affection matter then serious trouble awaits you in the form of heart break / engagement break (your own or some close). So be extra cautious while falling in love or getting engaged.

If you are not responsible in relating other; all type of trouble could be there. But if you are having self control, less egoistic and do no have ill expression during the above course of 2.5 years you will come up with good success and concrete rewards, which can not be taken away by any planet of the solar system and that is true.

Progress may be hindered during this time due to ill creativity or your inability to relate with the superiors / bosses / elders /parents. But boy listen carefully I have seen people joining hands getting married or formed great partnerships when Saturn was transiting in their 7th angle of solar-scope. My last sentence may confuse you a bit yes of course you are true. Actually it largely depend on type of a birth chart you are having in a less fortunate chart all the complications and trouble are indicated like divorce, breakage, hear break or heart trouble / sickness or even in extreme cases separation or death of a loved one / marriage partner and so on. In a average chart few of the bad things and some good one. In third case all the goodies that’s it. Only an astrologer can explain you what would happen and what kind of birth chart you are having.

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