Cancer Annual Horoscope 2012

Cancer (Sun Sign / Star Sign / Zodiac Sign)

Those who born between 22-June to 22-July


Forecast of Jupiter June-2011 to June-2012:

As opposed to the Saturn; Jupiter behaves expansively, wherever he is placed in any birth chart / solar chart or Sun sign, (Although this expansion could be negative or positive, which depend on the aspect of the Jupiter). For you Jupiter will definitely give you succeed in the matter of Group activity, your home could be the center place of guest visitors regardless of the reason. Your friend circle or association may increase also you there will be opportunity to read the benefit from the groups / companies / societies or due to widening of friends circle and you shows warmness and generosity to them.

If you were looking for home / house move or some sort of renovation this could the time to do that. Distance people / foreigner could be especially helpful. If will be good time to plan a family / children. If you were looking for love in your life then expect it now. If eligible then an engagement or marriage could be on the card (may be of some one close), as marriage also comes under the sector of group activity / socializing / gathering / partying.

Home matters and affairs could give satisfaction and you may think life is worth living during this time as some of your cherished wishes could be fulfilled. Note: Please read the forecast of Saturn in 4th angle to get a clear idea as he may play role of spoiling the happier mode you are living in.

Investments made during this time will yield good profit in the distance future. It could be good time to invest in real estate especially after Sept-2011, but only if your have spare money. I shall not suggest you to invest if you are planning on loan basis. Yes after careful investigation you can buy jointly with friend or associates (do not be in haste).

The whole period of the Jupiter, will not be troublesome, as I mentioned above but only certain parts of it will be trouble some. Confidence level of you and of your children may need to be pep up. Expect goods news after May 2012 as Jupiter will be joining hands will your birth chart’s Sun that will be quite exciting time for sure. Area will be Love romance, Children (if you are looking), surging creativity, good luck, expansion of mind and knowledge in nutshell all round good performance for sure. Your ability to remain focused; even if the things are not going your way will decide your success.

If you are in some kind of service or profession then expects a raise or a promotion, the contributing key factor of raise or promotion will be if you do not get involved in petty thing or difference of opinion. Health and inventiveness will improve so also your memory, thus you come up with a wining idea for you problems. There will be some prophet ability will be developing or the friends you will be meeting during this time may be especially philosophical. If you are in some kind of prophetic profession or import export business you may expect considerable success there. This will be good time for developing your philosophy of life. You can expect gains and progress though home affair, travel, communication and correspondence or paper work.

Jupiter in 11th angle may smoothen / energize your relationship with wider circle means if earlier; your relationship with your in-laws or social circle was not upto the mark then this time it may on the track. Lot more to be said about the goodies of Jupiter in 11th angle but we will keep this short and move to the lesson of Saturn which he is teach you since last 2 year or so.

Life is a mix bag, so before going to any conclusion on the result of Jupiter for you, you should also read the result of the Saturn for your Sun Sign.


Forecast of Saturn for you Oct-2009 to Oct-2012:

Saturn stayed / will stay unusually long time in your 4th angle of a Sun Sign. In astrology 4th angles rules home, hearth, domesticity, comfort, land, residence, family members, Parents (mother), emotions stomach, digestion, retirement and so on.

As we know Saturn is some what malefic, cold planet so he does not gives comfortable results there in fourth angle of birth chart / solar scope. Expect some heavy responsibility, duty in abovementioned sector of your life during the period the Saturn stays there. It means that there will be tiring or endless complication which needs to address in personal life. It may come in the shape of; either some financial burden, caring or relating the family members, settling some or pending disputes, repair or buying selling home / assets the list is endless. Here Saturn will do two things, first he will create some complication in the above matters /sectors, and secondly he will ask you to come out of these complications; after facing all type of obstacles.

Matter or loan / funds, buying selling of home /land /assets or even re-circulation of non worthy resources of your life will burden for you. These non worthy resources may also include non worthy relationship as Saturn is the ruler of 7th angle in your solar chart. Expect some delay and holdups in above matter. Environment may not be up to your liking.

During this time, some pending issue regarding shared resources / funds, Relationship or partnership and matter connected with legacy, insurance or goods of others will need to address seriously and unable to do so may create jealous / complicated environment at home and work place for sure. I can guess you are wandering that this list is huge. Yes I agree with you. Remember the things mentioned here will not start happening suddenly they will occur turn by turn; in fact some of them could be operating jointly.

After learning all the lesson from the Saturn, you will be more mature in life, better emotion and expression control will be there. He will also teach you family value and how to respect the family members and their opinions.

I have seen great success achieved by those who are already mature in the field of domesticity. Over all good amount of competitions occurs during the transit of Saturn in fourth angle, only few of them come up trumpet, some of them get mix result and other get punished. The bottom-line is; the bad events only happen if a person is failure to take the responsibility on his shoulder.

Your personal identity will be changed for better (if you are accepting the change). Thinking and sitting on the fence does not work during this time. Only concrete action will work in your favor. It also indicates changes over work / career / home frontier for betterment, while doing do not take decision based on emotions, use you head.

Special responsibility need to be paid towards elder / superiors in domestic circle, with expecting the reward / results. A permanent separation is also indicated. You could find that this period is favorable for performing tantra – mantras, spirituality kind of things.

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