Leo Annual Horoscope 2012

Leo (Sun Sign / Star Sign / Zodiac Sign)

Those who born between 23-July to 23-Aug

Forecast of Jupiter June-2011 to June-2012:

Welcome to the fresh New Year dear king / Queen of the Human Jungle. During the above mentioned period Jupiter will elevate in your 10th angle of solar chart, in Astrology 10th house (angle) represent your image in the world, your elders / bosses, superiors, promotion, your tag, prestige occupation and so on. Thus in some or all the above mentioned matter expect the goodies of Jupiter. Jupiter in this position will expand your area of operation to the wider circle. Hey what are you doing dear Leos (I can’t see you). After reading these lines you may well expect you head in the clouds some where and your feet’s are on the trees in the Jungle.

Jupiter here will make you social, sympathetic, inclined toward love and affection or some creative pursue. Here I must insert a note of caution that you don’t be egoistic and pomp’s during this period other wise all the goodies promises by the Jupiter here will render nil.

If you are already in a state of romantic relationship then expect some difference of opinion from time to time, and the months for these differences could be; Aug-2011, Nov-2011, Feb-2012, May-2012 to resolve these; you first be honest secondly; be less egoistic and arrogant as these trait of you during this time may harm your love relationship; as well your relationship with loved one for sure.

If you are straightforward and honest in life, in term of commitments, money and relationship then expect lots of happiness in life. It will be good time to plan a child or begetting a child in another word children / youngster will become important to you during this time. This may happen in the shape of; the kids around you are becoming especially active and aggressive (some time disturbing your creativity) and they need to handle wisely to avoid friction.

Some issue connected will funds and assets of other needed (may be shared loan / shared money / shared funds / shared assets) to address during this time. If expecting a loan; you may get it. I have also seen during this time sex matters also gains importance both negatively or positively (depend on your personal birth chart).

If you are in some sort of prophetic, lecturing, traveling or schooling kind of business you can even expect more rise your will planing big for the distance future. Your surging creativity will be all time high and your can expect wonder from it; in the area of dance, music, singing, drama, stage or public performance etc. But if your line is not from one of the above mentioned sectors; then expect a hobby which could be adopted during this period.

Distance people, import export will be also favorable, if interested. It would be good time to execute important changed in career, but while doing to respect the opinion of other, if they are not agree, make then agree softly, but riding high horses should be avoided, and in that case idea of expansion or changes in career should be dropped.

You may also plan distance travel or journey; but if in your birth chart or circumstances does not permit distance travel; then expect mental travel / expansion during this time. I have seen in some horoscopes that if a person is not travel during this time, then the distance person or traveler or foreigner do pay one or two visits to them. This makes the Astrology quite predictable and interesting too.  Your mind expand; so also your career, please understand that here generosity and kindness will pay you much, rather then being aloof, egoistic or selfish.

If illegible or interested you can expect and engagement or a religious activity. Demonstration is also the negative quality which you must curve off in above mentioned period. In a negative or ill chart; Jupiter in 10th angle from Sun may create difference of opinion and friction at work sector or in occupation. It may also come in the shape of misguided affection, wrong goals being followed.

Actually astrologically specking Jupiter will be forming square aspect with your Sun, In this case it is not good for parent child equation. In the sector of career too, Expect difference of opinion, which if not sorted out may take the shape of legal case (occupation / social circle) due to egoistic and over expressive nature or due to shared resources matter. Also in negative chart, instead of gaining, Foreigner, teacher, lawyers or religious bodies may trouble you. In the matter of heart and children expect hurdle; even if there is any gain that will be indirect.

If are looking for overhauling of home, office, warehouse, building then this could be time when you may doing this. Buying / selling / leasing or renovation of any type of property may happen during this period.

Influence of Saturn for you from Oct-2009 to Oct-2012:

During the above mentioned period the Saturn, the planet of duties, responsibility, consolidation and restriction will be in the area of travel, thoughts, communication or sources of communications, reading writing, tie-ups, relatives, mental activity. So as it a cold and restrictive planets thus expect some serious work to perform here. Your maturity and diplomatic ability for relative and also your ability to do well in these sector will decide your success. But environment may not be comfortable while you will be attempting the same.

In your business sector you will be maturely creative and your capability to think and make serious plan will increase; provided your work require all these. If you were looking for a chance to make some thoughtful amendment in your occupation; then this could be the time to do so (even career switch).

In personal relationship (relative, kin’s) Saturn will first restrict and limit you; test your relationship with your surrounding and those relationships which are unable to sustain will fade away from your life. While other will develops serious and more sound relationship, based on mutual respect. Sound advice comes from relative, traveler, but it is upto you; to accept these or not. As I am also a Leo and I know most of us don’t like to be listening end. Because of this some of your relationship may fade away from life.

Good time to learn business and occupation related skills / education (may not be academic one), or those skill /learning; which will ultimately make you more mature in life or help you contribute in the growth or solidify business / professional ground. During this time mind will be less expanding, but it will be concrete and solid. Even then from time to time expect heavy mental burden and gloominess (sadness) during the above mentioned 3 year (which will end October this year).

During this time you may be given the responsibility as a diplomat to address some issue of social / immediate circle. Expenditure over the social events, travel, marriages or engagement of relative / kin are indicated, even your own marriage if illegible. But all these will not be smooth sailing for you as it sound, while performing these expect holdups and obstacles, which will again test you to fuller extent.

On Media, Mobile, Communications, travel, laptops, vehicle, internet there will expenditures or worry, but if you are mature and responsible in this sector then greater opportunity awaits you.

This period could make you change your opinion regarding your relationship with other as well as with your partner. There will be a time when you will be in lots of stress regarding one particular impulsive relationship, and in this matter if you keep your cool, the issue will be sorter out soon.

After this; Saturn will leave the area of communication and travel, and will enter in area of bonding, domesticity, residence, land & building, and parent in or around October this year (2012). Then he will be asking you to perform there teaching some serious lessons. In another words, new trend of domestic responsibility, parents, balancing the need of the career and  personal world will surface.

It may take time to predict the results of the Uranus, Pluto, Neptune for you Please come back latter (at least a week or so.)