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Taurus (Sun Sign / Star Sign / Zodiac Sign)

Those who born between 21-April to 21-May

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Taurian Here is your Annual Forecast

Forecast of Jupiter in 1st angle: June-2011 to June-2012

The Jupiter the greater benefic will be in your first angle of self expression, individuality, freedom, learning, new beginning and ego. Here you should expect grace of the Jupiter during the period from June 2011 to June 2012. Matter related to taxes, joint finance, insurance, legacy, will be important to you.

Jupiter jointing your birth chart’s Sun will make you optimistic about your enterprise, your goals, your plans and projects as well, thus you will be making plans expensively. Your persona and your surrounding will change for better. Your image in the eyes of other as well as your grooming will also be changing. One more thing will be changing that is your outlook toward self and your life. Your desire to learn and gain knowledge will increase, well your weight may also increase and health (if you were not upto the mark) will be generally splendid.

New opportunity of financial gain and life’s advancement will also be presented during this time. You will be quite eager to start some thing more creative and secretly, thus planning of new work and new beginning in short.

During the above period some matter connected with “finance or assets of other” will also surface and will ask for your creativity to solve the bug. Great gain will be promised if you are creative enough to solve this bug. Otherwise get ready for some kind of dispute over the matter mentioned above. Group activity; gain though friends, associates, large corporations will be especially favorable and fruitful too, But only if you are visionary and are social.

You can expect round of socializing, partying, lots of guest in the home as well as you friend circle will also expand. Mind will be expanded; you will learn much about your value system, money matter and family values. Jupiter joining Sun indicate that it will all so be good time to fall in love, show your expression, begetting a child in near circle (may be you get a child). If eligible then expect engagement (yours or some one close). The bottom line is all round expansion. Children and creativity will give you satisfaction and joy. Prosperity through hobby will be another land mark of Jupiter joining Sun.

O, Ofho, You may be wandering what you are telling me “zees” boy that “is all the good thing will be happening to me only in above mentioned tenor of Jupiter?

Then listen the above goodies of the Jupiter in you Sun Sign, may not be yours, because it largely depend upon to factor of your horoscope 1. The placement and aspect of the Jupiter in your birth chart, 2. The astrological aspect the Sun was receiving at the time of your birth.  If two of the above mentioned factors in your birth chart are alright then good news is that all the good matter mentioned above will happen to you and there will be great prosperity for sure. But if this is not the case then following matter will be occurring for sure.

Instead of gaining there will be some wastage, complication, losses, difference of opinion due to bad judgment, over optimism, carelessness will be there. Child may poise problems, all you will be especially worried about there affair. Bur if you yourself are a child then educational, romantic and sports matters may make you worried. Jupiter means expansion if it is not control then it is sure to give negative expansion. Only a professional astrologer can Judge what will exactly happen based on the type of chart you are having. Most the goodies / opportunities mentioned above will be there but you may not be able to utilize the same.

Complications regarding finance / assets / resources of others may surface during this time only after social 3rd party / legal involvement these will be sorted out.

But in average chart Jupiter does not harm much, that is why we call him the greater benefic. Anyway, some religious activity during this time is foretold. Guidance of Guru, Guide, prophet, teacher (professional /personal) may be there, it could be that some one may be secretly guiding you or you may be secretly learning or taking guidance from your Guru, Teacher or guide, all these matter may be especially helpful. Financial transaction / buying-selling or other’s goods may be planned.

These people like distance persons, pundit, gurus, places, Judges, lawyers may also helpful if your birth chart support this transit. Jupiter may make you sympathetic, kind and generous. So connection to hospitals or person connected with hospital / sympathetic places will be formed. If you were looking for loan or settling a loan then this could be the time to do so. But do not over do it.

So you may well notice that in the case of a good birth chart the Jupiter joining Sun may lead to over all progress. But in bad birth chart it gives indirect success after an initial trouble. To get an in-depth idea over the Nature and Characteristics of the Jupiter you should read the article on the Jupiter.

Before going to any conclusion over the result of Jupiter you should also read the result of the Saturn (please read the results of Saturn’s in your 6th angle before assuming all these).

Forecast of Saturn in 6th angle: Oct-2009 to Oct-2012

Taurian, after reading the goodies of Jupiter; you now better turn your attention to Saturn, otherwise he knows how to turn someone’s attention for sure. Here are the lessons what Saturn has to teach you while lingering in your 6th angle of the Sun Sign: from Oct-2009 to Oct-2012

Please note that all the good or bad events mentioned below will not be occurring at once in your life. They will occur time to time. Some of them may not happen at all.

Saturn will continue his journey in your 6th angle of Sun Sign, so the results will be in continuation will last two year or so. Saturn in 6th angle of any Sun sign, force the person to structure and manage his daily routine hard, even while the health, vitality of ambiance may not be favorable al together and the tough part is he (Saturn) does not listen excuses. From time to time your health and vitality (may be of someone’s close) will be low. During his long session of 2.5 year you will be having many lessons regarding how to perform your duty well and with in the time limit.

If some of you are in job then the environment at work place or the behavior of colleagues or bosses may not be as cooperative as they usually used to be. If configuration of the birth chart is not so good expect job switch and few month of out of employment and the reason could be unable to relate, unable to perform or health issue of you or someone close. As Saturn in 6th angle of solar scope if not well aspected, then it may lead to expenses over marriages, health. Here I would like to point out one thing that if your birth chart is a fortunate one, mean in birth chart your Saturn is well placed and well aspected also your own 6th house of birth chart is having good astrological aspects then here are the results “BECAUSE OF YOUR DUTIFULNESS AND HARD WORK AND YOUR MANAGERIAL ABILITY YOU WILL CLIMB HIGH IN YOUR CHOSEN PROFESSION, CORPORATE LADDER AS WELL. Yipeeeeee. Here you should read an article “Saturn in Astrology” which is especially designed to get familiar with the Saturn, so that you may not be making those mistakes, which he actually hate.

Further talking about the transit of Saturn in 6th angle of your Sun sign that if you are in some sort of business or professional then expect extra work load and some worried connected with the servants, inferior of all kind will be there. Sometime it has been observed that they (servants / inferiors) themselves are in trouble and are not performing well. So hiring firing of staff is also indicated.

Taurian, listen carefully, if you are a parent or planning parent hood then expect some heavy duty there. You may be wandering what you are talking about; you are true all these will be happening to make you more mature in your life. So that, under tough circumstances you can perform well. School and education of kids will demand your attention by it will be up to you how do perform your duty. Because if avoided or neglected, then during the phase of Saturn in 7th angle of your Sun sign he will ask all the matter you left or postponed. Believe me with Saturn, if you are postponing things, it is punishable offence. Just try it.

Some careful handling of money and investment will be required on your part if you are planning the same, or if your profession or business requires all these stuff.

He will also force to change your working style for better, and believe me; failure to do so may result out idleness. So whatever pressures you will be facing at your work / health / daily routine, these will only make you more duty conscious and mature.

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