Capricorn Annual Horoscope 2012

Capricorn: Sun Sign / Star Sign / Zodiac Sign

Those who born between 21-Dec to 19-Jan


Dear Capricorn here is the Forecast of Jupiter: June-2011 to June-2012

As above tenor of Jupiter it self say that you should expect the following events in continuation with the last year trend which was started in June-2011.

Jupiter, the greater benefic of the Solar system will in excellent position in your sun Sign Chart, So from June last year and until the mid of this year expect greater joy in life. Time to time you will be in happier mood for sure. Children (yours or near to you) will give joy although there health might concern you, but this will be the excellent time to plan a child or begetting a child. But if you are not in a state being a parent then you may get happiness from your existing child around you.

If other testimony in your birth chart support this time then this will be the excellent time for investing in business or some buying selling related activity (home, house, leasing, assets or land so on). I mean to say this could be favorable time for the same. But plan your budget wisely. I have seen during his time people developing or adopting a hobby which might be lucrative too, in the long run in the distance future for sure. (Well it is also depend on the hobby you choose)

Social pleasure for travel for pleasure will be there. You will learn a lot from your social circle and if earlier you were looking to sort out some differences will love one or even elder / bosses then this could be the favorable time for the same. Month for same could be Nov, May, March, and Sept. I do not see Jupiter in this position upset any one unless your personal birth chart hold different story. If some thing unpleasing happens; it may be because of other planets in the transit or birth chart.

Your wisdom will increase so also your respect in the eyes of elders, bosses, and superiors; even in your own eyes. You will be much more creative in involved with your near circle or learning new things that these moments may force you say “I love all” but it will be only there in you avoid too much pleasurable activity other wise Jupiter most of the time tend to give excess for sure. And if this is not enough then listen more, this though some evidence of happiness at your work place. There will expansion there too, but only if your have broad mind and are honest more so you does not get involve in difference of opinion with other at work.

Windfall, lotteries, game of the chance; getting pleasure from creative pursue or hobbies all be your. Although I am agree these windfall or lotteries time of stuff are rare and unimportant. But even then your can expect easy money for sure. Here I would like to advice that do not spend too much one pleasurable thing, parties or loving things, save for the rainy days, although most of the ‘capis’ are serious guy and do not like to waste money or there resources of pleasurable pursues, but some off you (in bad birth chart) do these things for false demonstration purpose, which should be avoided altogether. Other wise Jupiter in this position can make you bit careless with regard to money, investment, assets and even with regard to feeling of loved one or beloved, and it could be hurting to them.

Some gains from secret or obscure means or from some behind the scene activity will also be there, tread carefully if caught it may mark the career / reputation interest of you or your loved one. Avoid scandalous activity.

If single you may get involved in love with a person of different status/ ambition / age which is not bad altogether of coarse this may also give you pleasure. If interested or illegible then expect an engagement or marriage may take place at least there will an opportunity for the same and it will upto you what you do with (it may be of some one else marriage or engagement if not your).

Your area of influence will increase and group’s activity and friendship will give joy. If needed other people money / partner’s money or your father’s money may be available for your plans and projects, but use it wisely so that you don’t have to annoy later as year ends.

In your birth chart if somewhere else is not contradictory influence then your health and vitality will also increase, that will give you more energy for your work. I have also seen during this time if you are an elderly Capricorn then affair of children (their career or reputation may also increase) also prosper.

Let’s See your allay The Mars has stored in for you:

From Nov-2011 to June-2012: The Mars:

Jupiter will be in good formation with Mars and it will give you boundless energy; you will be planning vigorsly; here I would say respect the opinion of other and do not plan ruthlessly, this high mental energy can be destructive to and can spoil your future if you are not careful. Disagreement with some in the distance circle or even in social circle or friend may occur and you need to control your temptation during this time. Do not handle issues rashly. Even though the work could be tiring but you will not loose enthusiasm, which is the bottom-line. So any thing to do with shifting, moving to places or reaching out to the people will not bother you, but deal with other patiently not rashly. If you are not able to control this energy; wisely enough; then expect a legal / social / religious difference opinion which may trigger a legal case. Be careful on the road or while on the journey. But you will under go journey (mental or actual).

Let’s, now see; what another Major Planet of the Solar system, namely the Saturn, will do for you in 2012.

We should divided the influence of the Saturn in two parts, the first one will be from the beginning of the year to October 2012 (actually from Oct-2009 to Oct 2012), and second one will be from October onward to until 2.5 year or so.

For your information that, this year in October; after a long time of almost three year Saturn will be leaving your sector of occupation, status, prestige, elder, bosses, superior, achievements, ambition

And after during October 2012; in your Sun Sign chart, Saturn will enter into another sector of your life which represent friendship, group activity, hopes, wishes, well wisher, business capital, associations and so on. (We will be discussing the result of the Saturn in your this sector after a break (under process)

But in the mean time let’s see what will happen before October this year (actually from Oct-2009 to Oct 2012); so here are forecast for the first part:

Upto October 2012; Saturn (the big daddy of the Universe & your Ruling Planet), the consolidator and the tough task master will be in the area of Profession, Your Tag, Your Status, Elder, Bosses, Rank in life, and Your Worldly Standing, this position is also called apex of the Solar Chart (not birth chart), as it is also the planet of responsibility and duties so expect heavy lesson to be learn in the above mentioned area and during abovementioned period. He will give also sort of test to perform, and if you are eligible; then expect great rewards from his end, but listen game is not over yet, failure to perform your duties professionally / personally / socially may lead you to be failure on all front.

So all sort of balance is advisable. Actually at this place all the planets attains height and if you are on height then the margin of error is very less. Any error in term of lack of performance, irresponsibility or carelessness may indicate fall from great height.

Hopefully it may not be your case, generally if you are mature and responsible person in most of the area in your life; not importantly personally or professionally then expect great achievement during this time; as Saturn on this position of the solar chart give considerable amount of raise. People will see your success for sure; you just need to maintain the raise. Opportunity for advancement and progress will come, but if you got threatened by responsibility and step backed then it guarantees great loss of self esteem as well as ego, even some time career.

Your ego will be challenged during this time and tact and diplomacy will be the need of the time, I know you may wander that it is a huge time span (Oct -2009 to Oct-2012) yes I am agree with you. But on the other hand regards will be more permanent and concrete success. Well who guarantee this, of course, Saturn; who else. Just try.

Some shared resources (like loan, fund, public money, joint finance even legacy or business money) matter will also needed to handled carefully and cautiously during this time with no margin of error and judgment, as with Saturn errors and procrastinations are dangerous.

While maintaining all sort of balances; during this time, you will also be asked to take care of the health of elder, parents, bosses, superior loved one and extended family members both mental and physical health. Please note that mental health also include your understanding and coordination with them.

While investing in the business or some where else; invest long term; keeping in mind the future of children and business expansion. Speculation may not work here. There will be great changes in domestic sector / setup as well as business sectors (renovation, switching or chancing place) even buying selling of land / building also comes under this preview. This mean heavy expenditure and even giving taking loan (be careful). Also when you have such things going in your, then how you can expect every thing will happen smoothly. Naturally there will difference of opinions and frictions; especially with partner (if you have them) / elder or associates and because of this and you need to handle all these chord responsibly and maturely, because Saturn will not be providing any margin of error here too.

You will also be assigned a responsible work to accomplish during this time; where tact, patience and great public skill will be required; this could be in the area of marriage of some one (may be you own marriage), engagement, or a messed up relationship / partnership; where your patience will be test to resolve that mess.

Business or career wise there will be considerable amount of competition; and you need to be mature and hard working enough to maintain the height you have attained or you will be attaining, of coarse failure to do so indicate demotion of some kind (may not be career wise). As I have told you in the beginning of Saturn’s forecast. In some bad charts I have seen that if person is not eligible (not responsible and run away from duties and works) for a specific post or rank in his life (both personally / professionally), Saturn take away that rank from the person and give that to other more mature and suitable person. (That’s good, actually justice).

In some very bad chart Saturn in this position indicate financial or other mess up with friends or associated or by company, society or groups. Here Saturn always suggest that be careful about your belonging and you business capital too. It is very good position of Saturn and only occur after 29 year and generally occur twice in a life, so use it wisely.

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