Scorpio Annual Horoscope 2012

Scorpio: Sun Sign / Star Sign / Zodiac Sign

Those who born between 23-Oct to 21-Nov


Dear Respectful and Secretive Scorpios, I am writing this, because yours are the most powerful and the destructive sign of the Zodiac, means if you direct your life in wrong direction, Other wise you are quite protective and progressive, too.

But your self respect, courage, and power to sustain has been tested since last two year; or so; namely October – 2009 onwards to October – 2012 (Saturn), tell me how right or wrong I am on this matter (you can comment at the end of this forecast).

Coming back to the annual forecast of 2012, I will first be predicting the result of Jupiter for you Sun Sign; the results of the Saturn (who might be annoying you).

Forecast of Jupiter: June-2011 to June-2012

As you may well notice the headline above, during this time Jupiter, in your Solar Scope (Sun Sign) will be in the area of relationship, marriage, competition, opponent, divorce, bonding. Although, if your birth chart is very good, then this position suggest marriage, cooperation, good expansive progress in life through sharing the resources of other, going onto the partnership of some sort and from utilizing the assets or funds of other. But in a bad birth chart if your attempt these thing during above mentioned time of Jupiter; these may have some complicated outcome.

Career wise you should be very careful about the investments, giving / taking loan to other or credits. Do not give air to matter connected with self respect and ego in professional / business relationships. I can see some changes in the sector of finance and your relationship with elder / bosses / superiors and even parents. You can expect some financial mess up or an expression related (the way of expression) issue, this must be resolve rationally, impatience will not work here, If too much intolerance is shown, then separation is guaranteed. This last mentioned remarks also applied to your relationship with other (non self) and partner.

If you are in some sort of Job or profession then expect a switch or some sort of changes during this time especially near the month of Feb, April May. You might be looking for more ambient surrounding at work, so that greater understanding and mutual respect may be achieved. More perks, more money, and better relationship and self respect may the key note for the switching or change the work environment. Here I must tell you that during this time expectation of loved one from you will be quite high, this mean some heavy expenditure (money, reserved money or physically), and all your courage and duties will be called of to show now. So from time to time your energy level will be low, but thanks to the position of Mars upto June this year (2012), you will be having energy and courage to execute the plans and project require to give your life a better direction

Mars is great for you, as Mars is ruling planet of your Sun Sign. More over, the Mars will be having good aspect with your Birth Sun, so expect good amount of energy and enthusiasm in your life. It may come in the shape if new family member in the home or Jupiter your friend circle may be widening. Remember as The Mars is an impulsive force, thus its energy need to be directed constructively other wise you may end up with some financial or other mess up with friends or associates so here self control will be required. But overall; for you this position of Mars is suitable for good health, gain from property. Rent, even renovation of home or home switch (if you are looking for). Rash / greedy / thoughtless investment or risky investment and use of reserve money or fund should be avoided.

Buying selling of land or other assets with the help of group / associates may be accomplished. But you should not be at ease, as to achieve this try to be as professional as you could be.

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Let’s, now see; what another Major Planet of the Solar system, namely the Saturn, will do for you.

We should divided the influence of the Saturn in two periods, the first one will be from the beginning of the year to October 2012 and second one will be from October onward to until 2.5 year or so.

Because this year after a slow crawls of almost 3 year (unusual), Saturn will be leaving your chart’s area; which represents holdups, delay and sorrow and will be joining your Sun around October this year (it will be some what critical time for you).

The Predictions and results of Saturn joining your Sun sign (in Oct) will be soon being available free here on this website. But in the mean time let’s see what he has stored in for you; in the earlier part of this year (actually from Oc-2009 to Oct 2012).

During the above mentioned period; the Saturn, planet of duties, responsibility, consolidation, restriction will test you a lot (sorry; if I am bit cruel, here). Saturn is also the planet of occupations & businesses, thus expect some important changes occurring in these matter. Here patience and perseverance will be the key not for you. He will there to hurt you in term of your ego and respect from time to time. Misunderstanding with youngster may also surface.

As he will be in the sector of spirituality thus you will have much to spirituality. Time to time you will be lonely (even in the human jungle). Relatives, elders, documents and correspondences of all kind needed to handle carefully and with extreme cautions as from time to time you mind will not be up to the mark. Home and family member may find you aloof, lonely or expressionless. From time to time, Saturn may restrict you to share your woe with other. Home renovation or switch may also planed, or some shifting or reallocation with the home / residence.

I have seen people scared unnecessarily during this time, because you are not feeling secure in your life, you people are security loving people, and also want to shun the treat first, so that you can live peacefully. But during this time the problem could be many of your threats will be imaginary.

A change of career / occupation may be thought of, may just switching the plane, if so then think twice before making the decision. As when the Saturn in Oct 2012 will be joining the Sun in your solar chart, these changes will have far reaching consequences on your personal and professional life.

You may also be restricted in the matter of expression, though you are secretive but you may find yourself that you are becoming more expressionless (may be with some people), as some barrier in communication and expression with some one close will be there.

In you have already taken / given a loan then some serious thinking on these sectors will also be required regarding recovery of repayment. If this is not your case then some deeply knitted fund /money matter / legacy / other people money matter have to be dealt with, like insurance, wills, partnership money or other form of shared money. There will be some delay in above matter as other are interfering, and you alone are not the whole responsible for getting the work done.

Love may be disappointing either because of 3rd party involvement or because of secret or illegal (social not accepted). Just try to avoid it, in return it will relieve your nerves a bit and will be relaxing for sure. Expedition of relationship, marriages, partner may be there proper caring will also ease this a bit. But avoid unwanted burden of others. If you are a parent then some issues regarding the education, schooling or association of the children may need attention, here my advice is to lead them by example and do not create prestige of ego issue.

Try to open up the communication, keeping aside you ego. Even if you think it would be fruitless. As this position of Saturn in your Sun Sign chart may make you not reaching out to people who matter to you most.

Some heavy business and financial commitment may surface during this time and more over people around you may not be upto the mark, to fulfill their commitments. So if that happen, don’t get depressed.

Please note that the whole of this 3 year tenor will not be troubling you, only certain part of it will be complicated. Below are the rough lists of month, when pressure will be a lot.


Deduct 10 days from each month.


January-2010, April-2010, July-2010, Oct-2010 (- 8 days from each month)

Also January-2011, April-2011, July-2011, Oct-2011 (-8 days from each month)

Plus January-2012, April-2012, July-2012, Oct-2012 (-8 days from each month)


Mantras for coming out of these circumstances will be tolerance, patience, preservation and willing to let go which are unavoidable. And it will work with the grace of god. God bless you.