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Pisces 2012

Pisces Annual Horoscope 2012 Pisces: Sun Sign / Star Sign / Zodiac Sign Those who born between 19-Feb to 20-Mar Your forecast of Jupiter: June-2011 to June-2012 As above tenor of Jupiter; it self says that you should expect the following events in continuation with the last year trend; which was actually started in June-2011. Jupiter, the gr [...]

Vedic Gayatri Mantra Peace & Pro...

Gayatri Mantra in English Aum Bhoor Bhuwah Swahaa, Tat Savitur Varenyam ! Bhargo Devasaya Dheemahi, Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat !!

Final Examination Result Batch April-...

3gAstrology by AskYourAstrologer Proudly announce The Final Result of Batch Started April 2010 The final examination was conducted on 11/09/2011 The First five apparent who scored 60+% marks are as follows. Please note that Marks has not being published. [table id=4 /]

Mantras for Peace in Marriage

Here is the Mantras for Saving Marriage. One should perform / entice this mantras 108 times, 324 times or 540 times daily for better result and soothing effect in marriage. Remember one must do these remedy if the have faith in religion or remedy, as performing remedies without good faith in yourself and also in remedy is fruitless. Thing wil [...]

3g Astrology Classes & Courses

Welcome to 3gAstrology “The Next generation Astrology”   Learn the most comprehensive, Practical, reliable and advance form of Astrology by the Creator of 3gAstrology. Have a competitive edge in Astrology. Where whole world will be following you. Learn to Predict and forecast and those event in Astrology where general astrolo [...]

Final Exams Result batch March 2010 (...

This is to Announce all the Students and Concerned Faculties and Person of AskYourAstrologer that the Result of the Final Examination held couple of weeks ago will soon be published on the site. There will be Special prize Stored in for the Student who will be standing first in the above mentioned examination apart from the Regular confirmati [...]

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