Saturn in Astrology

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The Jupiter as seen in the Solar SystemThe Saturn as seen in the Solar System

The Saturn as seen in the Solar System

The Saturn as seen in the Solar System

Saturn in Astrology

General Signification of Saturn:

Saturn The great, one of the Largest and biggest planet of the solar system. It is also one of the slow moving planet of our solar system, negative in its vibrations and feminine in its nature, very cold, in any birth chart due to its coldness and slow motion it gives bad and slow results. It delay and hinder the results of the particular sector of the chart in which it is placed. It only gives results after someone has cleared and passed every test in that sector of native / person’s life. But before giving any result it make sure that person is performing well in that sector of his life and make it clear to that person that there is no free lunch. If the Saturn find that the person is weak and is not responsible in certain area / sector of his life then it is sure that the person will be penalised by failure and losses in that sector for sure. But if someone passes the test conducted by him then Saturn make sure that the gift, success, result are there to stay in person’s life for a long time. As if something is granted by Saturn no planets can take away those good results of Hard work. Because it is granted by Saturn and Saturn says you are eligible for the TOP of the Position. And those who perform well (duty and responsibility coupled with patience and hard work) he bestow great prosperity.

Here the problems are why not each one of us achieve this prosperity offered and promised by the Saturn, well of course the reason is simple, as mentioned above his tests are so hard to accomplish and and these test require lot more patience, tact, steadfastness and perseverance only after that Saturn’s grace received. Of course the in chart if Saturn is well placed or there are planets which are well aspected by Saturn, (Sextile or Trine) this indicate that the matter and things signified by the planets with which Saturn is having good aspect will give good result and the person is having great strength and steadfastness in those matter.

There are many mantras in vedic to achieve steadfastness, sense of dutifulness as well as patience. If enticed devotedly these mantras produce miraculous result to the native. But remember one thing; inner rectification of imbalanced element or defect in one s behavior pattern or attitude is a slow process (which is obstacles in one s life). If you get fed up enticing these mantras of Saturn or any other God, Goddess or planets it clearly indicate that you are not yet mature enough and have not get rid of impatience and is not doing of enticing mantras devotedly.

Further talking about Shani or Saturn, although it cause delay in the aspects and area of life he is associated with, as well as the house or signs in which he is placed. Bones and all typing of material and physical structures comes under the bracket of Saturn or Shani.

Badly positioned Saturn or Shani would lead to fractures of bones, tooth problems so also anemia. Remedial measures can be performed to get rid of these difficulties caused by Saturn or shani will mainly reduce the delays, cure from cold and bone disorders and also reduce the impact of bad vibrations of Saturn.

Astrological Signification of Saturn

In Karmic Wheel, some time called Kaal Pursh Kundli or Zodiac; Saturn is the Ruler of Sign Capricorn (10th sign of the Zodiac). Thus Saturn do have greater influence over 10th house of any chart regardless of you Ascendant sign is.

As I have stated somewhere else that its motion is slow and nature is very restrictive and cold. Thus the house as well as the sign in which the Saturn is place in a horoscope; become the victim of the coldness and restrictions of Saturn. Great amount of duty and responsibility have to be performed to reap the benefit from the House and the Sign in which The Saturn is placed in the birth chart. If some one is unable to do that great disappointment and losses occur in the area and sector indicated by house of the chart and sign of the zodiac in which the Saturn in placed in the birth chart. The best remedy to deal with those sector of the life is patience and steadfastness along with tact and diplomacy, as Saturn hale pleasure and impulsiveness that is one of the reason why Saturn is debiliated in the Sign Aries, the Sign of impulsiveness and aggression.

Saturn is the lord of Restriction, discipline and law and social order. Saturn spend or transit 2.45 year in each Signs of the Zodiac, and roughly speaking he revolve around the Sun 29.5 years (which is equal to one Saturnine Year or cycle) and reaches at the place where he started 29.5 year earlier. Thus those matter, work and the things which are long term and require considerable amount to hard work, patience and responsibility comes under the bracket of Saturn, as he is never in a hast.

In astrology Saturn rules Sense of Hearing. As you can clearly notice that for hearing or listening all the qualities and attributes of Saturn is required, like patience, calmness, caution, respect to the speaker, and attention, more importantly above all one most important thing you have to do while listening to other are you have to keep your mouth shut.

Any thing which is practical in its nature, require serious study of the subject in hand, deep understanding and planing, working within the reality, limitation and restrictions is the Saturn’s alley. As he is limitation not independence. As mentioned else where that Saturn rules Structure (any structure), building, gardening, farming, business and social structure, as these also require patience and deep understanding. Saturn also hate procrastination and remember if you are doing if knowingly or unknowingly, then your are your worst enemy. As sooner or later he is going to hit you, hard.

Here is the practical remedy or key to live happily regardless of where the Saturn is place in your chart, regardless of he is good or bad, even what ever Astrological Aspect he is receiving from other planets. If you do this remedy honestly and by your heart I am sure the your will be living happily and contentedly for sure.

The remedy is “read above all the things, matter, works signified by the Saturn and ask your self do all the above matter is done exactly according to the will of the Saturn, there is no shortcut which Saturn likes, he want that every thing should be done on solid ground. Even if you are reading this Page casually not seriously then you lack saturnine quality.

Keep in mind that he is not going to inform you to learn all  these things, but my personal opinion is to learn before he hit you. There no second chance with Saturn he is generous to give only if you are eligible and cruel to take off if you are irresponsible.

If you do 100% the following thing in your life and adopt all the quality of the Saturn in your life, you will be untouched by him, but expect timely test from his end. and remember there is no 99%, He said 100%, no less then that.

  • You must be dutiful
  • There is no tomorrow
  • Patience and steadfastness in all matters, God created us with one mouth to speak and two ears to listen. pay head to this message of God. So listen more and speak less.
  • No greed, keep your mouth shut and listen more to the elder, superior or bosses in your near circle. (especially those who are more successful then you)
  • No impulsiveness, develop you power and capability of listening to other, especially regarding your shortcoming.
  • Tact and diplomacy not when needed but always
  • As he is the ruler of respect and prestige (10th house / Capricorn), no disregarding of other as well as you.
  • While doing hard work or work prestige or status should not be an issue.
  • You must be contented what you have,
  • You must be preserver
  • You should be enterprises mean Industrious but this does not mean that you should be over ambitious.
  • The person who dis regard the elders, bosses, superiors, parent, guardians must hear it loud and clear that Saturn is not with you. As he himself is above.
  • Saturn like economy and hate wastefulness (biggest error)

And one must remember that a chain is as stronge as it weakest link. If you are lacking even one of the above mentioned matter you have not given 100% of you. There will be no excuse in front of Saturn as my favourate quote for him is:

he is the Stern TASKMASTER

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