Sun in Astrology

The Sun in Astrology
English Name : The Sun

Vedic / Hindi Name : Surya
Ruling Sign(s)  : The Leo (Simha)
Orbit around Sun : NA
Exaltation Sign : The Aries (Mesha)
Debilitation Sign : The Libra
In Astrology Sun is Planetary ruler of the Zodiacal Sign The Leo the Great sign of central energy. In Indian Astrology / Vedic astrology it is called the Central Start of Light and

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Planetary configuration Near the month of Diwali & Oct – Nov

I was reading someone’s chart yesterday and suddenly found that the planetary configuration is not very welcomeable during the month of Oct-Nov. some time it happen that astrologer find some thing and then he try to solve the buzz (planets).
Please bear in mind that the below mentioned remarks applies to the whole world in general not particularly to

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Sun Saturn Conjunction in Libra for you?

Sun Saturn Conjunction in Libra for you?
The below mentioned remarks and prediction will be applicable to all of us but the intensity of the effect will differ from person to person based on our Individual Kundli / Chart.

This conjuction will remain in its effect right from 21-09-2011 to 23-10-2011 during this period expect following good

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