Sun Saturn Conjunction in Libra for you?

Sun Saturn Conjunction in Libra for you?
The below mentioned remarks and prediction will be applicable to all of us but the intensity of the effect will differ from person to person based on our Individual Kundli / Chart.

This conjuction will remain in its effect right from 21-09-2011 to 23-10-2011 during this period expect following good

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Mars in Leo

Mars in leo, will influence your risk taking ability for good or bad. People will be especially noncontagious and enterprising during this time.

for lovers or couple this indicate passion and emotion and feeling will be energized to need to control the same with in limit.

Further its in bad Aspect with the Expansive Jupiter which indicate that lover may

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Venus Saturn conjunction in Libra in Sept Oct 11

It could be unsettling for some of us as Venus and Saturn will in in conjunction with each other in the sign of relationship it is time to learn the lesson the relationship.

A definite time to check who values what those relationship who are difficult to sustain or are demanding more then they are worth

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